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"Who Else Wants To Help Their Child Easily Learn How To Care For Their Pet Guinea Pig Using A Stress Free Natural Formula!"



“Qualified Guinea Pig Expert Finally Reveals Her Cast-Iron Methods For Creating A Deep And Rewarding Relationship Between YOUR Child And Their Guinea Pig – Leapfrogging Every Obstacle Along The Way…”




Dear Fellow Parent,


My name is Nadine and I am a Qualified Rodentologist Health Advisor and Guinea Pig Expert. For the first time ever I have decided to share everything I’ve learned over the last 11 years as a Guinea Pig Specialist with you.


Are you looking to give your child the best you can while they’re still young? Do you want to give in and let them have the Guinea Pig they’re longing after? (Imagine how happy they would be…)


But are you concerned that they’re going to lose interest and you’ll be left to pick up the pieces? I was once where you are now! I’m glad I made the right choice though…


If your child is asking for a pet this is why you should get a Guinea Pig:


  • They’re free to get and cheap to maintain


  • They require lower maintenance than larger pets


  • They’re a suitable size for a child and easy to handle


  • They have a sweet nature with a good temperament


  • They don’t require much space


  • They can live inside or outside


  • They are great and loveable creatures for all the family to enjoy



“The Greatest Pet In The World”


Guinea Pig’s are good for children for a number of reasons. Guinea Pigs provide a great companion for a growing child and can help develop positive traits that lead to greater learning for your child.


  • Many children in today’s society grow up with some form of family pet in the home, having a family pet will encourage bonding with other children, giving them a shared topic and interest to discuss and hobby to share.  Overall an estimated 90% of all kids live with a pet at some point during their childhood. Your child could start a guinea pig friends club where their friends who have pet guinea pigs or have an interest in them can get together.


  • Pets are great support for children and give unconditional love.  Children can highly benefit from having a nonjudgmental furry friend in their presence, resulting in reduced anxiety and less withdrawn behavior.  At times when your child feels sad, angry or has a secret to share a pet is who they turn to.


  • Having a pet can actually increase the bond you have with your child. A pet is often the focus of fun activities that families do together and this time with your child is vitally important to their development.  You can spend time with your child as you interact with the pet together, this maybe whilst grooming or bathing the guinea pig, watching it play or making toys for him/her.


  • Your child’s guinea pig can be the source of a multitude of interesting and additional activities that promote creative thinking. Imagine the stories of adventures your child can write or a comic they can draw about their pet.  Your child can spend their spare play time making inexpensive toys for their pet to play with or items to go in their cage.


  • Having a guinea pig will help increase the level of their development outside of the school education system. Looking after a pet and having a family pet present in their lives will help a child improve their emotional and cognitive development.


  • Children learn that pets deserve respectful treatment, just as they do. They’ll realize all living things have needs and feelings to be considered.


  • Children are usually receivers of care. Having pets puts them in the position of the caregiver.  They learn to anticipate, recognize, and respond to their pet’s needs, such as when pets need to be fed, groomed, or shown affection. They start to become sensitive to their pet’s fear and anxiety.  Being able to soothe those feelings prompts children to develop loving ways. They learn the joys and woes of being needed.


  • Having a pet depend upon them will encourage children’s accountability; this helps them develop a conscience.  Caring children learn to remember to bring a pet in from outside during bad weather.  They’ll learn that a pet counts on them to keep the food and water bowl filled.  They’ll realize that a pet at home alone all day needs some cuddle time once kids are home from school.  A conscientious child won’t be able to sleep at night if they haven’t made sure their pet’s tummy is full.  As children meet a pet’s emotional and physical needs, children themselves will grow in confidence, independence, and competence.


  • Children love to make creative homemade toys and craft projects for their pet and doing so will greatly encourage their ability to be resourceful and creative and develop their initiative.


"What’s This Going To Take?"


You could waste hundreds of dollars on a pet, but you don’t have to! You could waste hours digging through all the junk online just to pull out a handful of bits that might help your child, but you don’t have to. Why would you when it’s already done for you?


What if you could find everything you need? What if you could have a bulletproof program? What if you had…:


  • A comprehensive and child friendly guide to caring for a guinea pig


  • The facility for your child to prove their knowledge


  • Helpful and informative step by step videos


  • A guide to help YOU support your child


  • More advanced learning material


  • Resources to help maintain their interest


  • Fun activities to help your child stay focused


  • One on one access to a professional guinea pig carer


It wasn’t until my children were grown up that I was asked for help when a friend bought a guinea pig for her daughter that I unearthed this untapped and most natural combination…


“The Discovery Of My Lifetime”


I developed an easy to follow step by step program to help you and your child get the best from a guinea pig faster and easier than you may have ever thought possible.


When I developed my Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids program there were several things I knew I had to be sure were included…




“The only program that shows you how to harness the endless benefits to your child from having a pet guinea pig”


Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids Workbook

A fun and in-depth illustrated care guide that contains all the information your child will need to correctly care for their guinea pig.


In this workbook your child will discover:


  1. What a guinea pig is


  1. How to choose your guinea pig


  1. Your guinea pig’s home


  1. Your guinea pigs food


  1. How to handle your guinea pig


  1. Housekeeping


  1. Guinea pig playtime


  1. How to groom your guinea pig


  1. Health checks


  1. Basic first aid kit


  1. Dental care


  1. Heat stroke


  1. Elderly guinea pigs


Quiz Book

guinea pig quiz

The quiz book is designed to test your child’s knowledge, ensure all the right points are being absorbed and help keep the learning process fun and challenging.


  1. Every section of the workbook has a quiz


  1. The quiz is designed to include multiple-choice questions, in addition to written answers




Care Videos With Subtitles

guinea pig videos

To complement the written workbook these short and easy to watch videos ensure your child will take in valuable information.  The care videos include the following:


  1. Equipment needed


  1. Guinea pig bath-time


  1. Nail clipping


Parents Guide And Quiz Answers

parents guide to guinea pigs

This guide is your personal reference to help you support your child in their learning and also to help motivate them using relevant targets and goals.


  1. Contains quiz answers


  1. Defines how to get the best out of your child’s learning process


  1. Outlines your role in the activities



guinea pig certificate

As a reward for your child’s good work, on-going commitment and proven knowledge you can issue them with their own very special Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids certificate.


  1. Gives your child an added incentive to work towards


  1. Acknowledges your child’s completion of the program


  1. A visual representation of what they have learned


Advanced Guinea Pig Care Techniques

advanced guinea pig

This additional workbook covers more advanced techniques required in the caring of a guinea pig.  Your child will progress onto this workbook after receiving their certificate.  The advanced techniques include:


  1. Anatomy and skeletal structure


  1. How to wrap a guinea pig for health checks


  1. In-depth health checks


  1. Nail clipping


  1. Syringe feeding


On-Going Activity Sheets

guinea pig activities

These fun activities will prolong the learning process and help maintain your child’s interest in their guinea pig during and after the program.  Fun activities include:


  1. Design a “My Guinea Pig Promise” poster


  1. Observation sheets


  1. Craft and DIY activities


  1. Making life fun for their guinea pig


Members Only Access

guinea pig member

With this program you are granted access to a VIP members only area, where everything is stored for safekeeping.


  1. Access the contents day or night instantly


  1. Password protected secure website



buy guinea pig care


“What An Opportunity”


Order my program today including everything listed above and get these great bonuses completely free. Take a look below at these amazing bonuses on offer to you for a limited time.


BONUS 1: Beginners Guide To Getting A Guinea Pig Video

guinea pig videos

This helpful and guiding video walks you through some online resources to help you find, house and start caring for your guinea pig.


  1. What you’ll need


  1. The best resources online for buying guinea pig equipment


  1. How you can save money


  1. All the boring, long-winded research is done for you…



BONUS 2: DIY How To Video

guinea pig videos

This handy and easy to follow, step-by-step video will help you save serious money.


  1. How to make a Pigloo





BONUS 3: Dry Mix Food Review & Comparison

guinea pig food

An unbiased comprehensive review and comparison of some leading dry mix food brands.


  1. Find the right food for your guinea pig


  1. Help you make an informed decision


  1. Save you money


BONUS 4: Fridge Chart Template

guinea pig schedule

This great fridge chart template offers you the ability to schedule your child’s weekly guinea pig ‘to do list’ in a fun, fast and easy way.


  1. Guides you through how to complete the fridge chart


  1. Allows you the freedom to organize the ‘chores’ in a visual manner for your child


  1. Will be the lifesaver of keeping your child focused



BONUS 5: My Guinea Pig Profile Template

guinea pig template

A fun template for your child to complete.  With information and fun facts about their pet guinea pig.


  1. Helpful in building a bond between your child and their guinea pig


  1. Allows your child to recognize and enjoy their guinea pig’s personality


  1. A fun activity that will help maintain your child’s interest in their pet



BONUS 6: Free Lifetime Updates

guinea pig lifetime updates

You will be guaranteed to get all my future updates and free reports.  So every time I build a new bonus you’ll receive it first, completely free.




Super Bonus


***BONUS 7***: Direct One 2 One Guidance & Advise

guinea pig email

Free private advise from a certified Rodentologist Health Advisor and life long Guinea Pig Lover is always just an email away…


  1. If at anytime you get stuck, have trouble and need some questions answered I’d love to hear from you, just email me and I promise you will get an answer within 24hours.


  1. This help is practically priceless.


  1. You’ll always feel that someone is there to help you with this free and unlimited email support you can be sure that your child and their guinea pig are always on track.


  1. Your child will be able to complete the program more effectively and get quicker and greater results.


Five Good Reasons


  1. You can only get these amazing bonuses today.  They are a limited time offer.
  2. This special introductory sales price will expire soon
  3. Instant access just a few minutes from now, no shipping costs
  4. Completely secure ordering process
  5. 100% money back guarantee


You're 100% Guaranteed

… I’ll let you read everything, watch everything and use it all and see the results for yourself.


I’m so confident that you’re going to be thrilled with the positive changes in your child that if after 2 MONTHS you feel that my program isn’t right for you or it didn’t deliver far more than you expected for any reason, or no reason at all. You’ll get a prompt, no questions asked, 100% refund.


No fine print, no hassles, just a guarantee so solid that you have no reason to wait another second to start helping your child and yourself.




buy guinea pig care


I have spent many years developing this package with tons of fun, effective and child-changing information that makes having a guinea pig exciting, interesting and enjoyable.  Plus it’s guaranteed to be a big hit with the kids.


Getting a Guinea Pig can be done on a shoestring budget.  You can change your child’s life for less than you probably spent on their last pair of sneakers.


If you are one of these special people who are motivated enough to try and help their child succeed, you are one of the top 5% who are ready to do what it takes to help develop their child for the better.  Then join me, and order today because “just thinking about it” never lead anyone to a better future.


Have you noticed how fast time goes when you have children?  Before you know it, they’re all grown up and you can only hope for the best.  Today, you still have the power to make a lasting difference in their lives, what better way to do that than give them a way to empower themselves for the rest of their lives!




Your Fellow Parent,

Nadine Sammons

guinea pig care for kids


I'm a Real Person

P.S - Remember, I’m a real parent and a person just like you.  If you buy this program today I’m only ever an email away.


You're Guaranteed!

P.P.S - With the 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk on your part.  You have nothing to lose by at least trying my unique program.  If after trying you are not happy I’ll immediately refund every penny.


Time Is Running Out

P.P.P.S - Remember, if you order today you’ll get the limited time special amazing bonuses plus my super bonus, but I can’t guarantee this price for long, so please act now and take advantage of this rare opportunity.


My Guinea Pig Promise

P.P.P.P.S - I promise you guinea pigs will make a difference to your child’s life. I’ve never seen a child with a guinea pig who has not developed clear skills from having one. I’ve seen noticeable changes within a week.


Don't Let Your Child Down

P.P.P.P.P.S - Now you can see how great a guinea pig can be for your child.


Of course, you can just ignore this program and go out and buy a guinea pig for your child without my guidance…


…Follow the masses of other parents who stumble along the way and will always continue to…


Ultimately you will be faced with an unmotivated child who is tired of their pet and the chores involved.


But, I know you are different…


My Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids formula will combat the wavering interest and replace this with enhancing your child’s skills and abilities.

buy guinea pig care


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